Sunday Comic – Johnny Gives the Redskins The Bird – 5/10/2014
We’re not late on our comic. It’s definitely Sunday. Sunday, May 10th, 2014. We’re totally on time and haven’t been sitting on our butts watching Netflix and not writing articles all summer. So, put away your calendar and just trust us on this one. We’ve always been a reliable... Read more
The Mugdown Wrap-Up: A Year in Review
  As the school year comes to a close, we’d like to take time to reflect on the many historic events that occurred this semester. 1. The Mugdown was Born We didn’t choose the mug life. The mug life chose us. Like Luke Skywalker or Joseph Stalin, destiny was... Read more
CHICK-FIL-NO-WAY, Student Swears off Chicken Sandwiches Forever
Of the many dining options on Texas A&M University’s campus, there is one that stands tasty and strong six days of the week, 313 days a year. The Commons and Underground dining areas on campus are both home to beloved mini Chick-Fil-A Express restaurants. They serve the basics—chicken sandwiches,... Read more
Goodbull Files for Official Rivalry with Batt
In a bold but expected move, The Goodbull Newspaper filed all the necessary paperwork with the University Wednesday to become the official rival of the Battalion newspaper. Editor-in-chief, Lauren Felder, told the Mugdown that the decision was made after a lot of careful thought and several trips to Northgate.... Read more
The Prophecy of Kyle
Early this morning, University officials called an emergency meeting following the surprising discovery of an ancient manuscript. Russell Bormann, sophomore Ocean Engineering major and Muster model, stumbled upon the document late Tuesday evening and quickly reported his find to campus authorities. “I came to Cushing in hopes of seeing... Read more
15 Gifs to Help You Procrastinate Studying for Finals
This is what you’re supposed to be doing right now. . But sometimes you’d rather just take a nap than study. . Sometimes you’d rather just give up. . All you want to do is go out and play. . Your “responsible” friends try to motivate you. . But... Read more
Excess Dining Dollars Cause Campus to Break Out in Polite Fights
Several verbal arguments have broken out over the past week between students in line to pay for food at campus eateries. With the semester ending in nine days, many students are in a panic to spend the last of their dining dollars on campus. Students have been seen at... Read more
Sunday Comic – Undead Week – 4/27/14
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Could This Be the University Center’s Most Offensive Picture Yet?
Many students have taken note of the larger-than-life photographs popping up around campus as a part of University Center’s push to destroy the lives of students. The pictures range from students standing on the seal of Koldus to relaxing on the grass of the MSC. But perhaps the most... Read more
Greek Life, British Humour
The following is an article we received from one of our fans across the pond. And yes, we’re being serious. This article was actually written by a fan from the UK. We’ve left it unedited so you can read it in it’s full British goodness. Didn’t even drop those... Read more