Archaeologists Discover Ancient Classroom Hidden Behind Wall of Flyers in Blocker
Archaeologists working for Cushing Memorial Library came across a fascinating discovery this week after their Blocker excavation finally broke through. The team, led by Dr. Ted Goebel, uncovered an entirely forgotten classroom hidden behind the layers of flyers on Blocker’s interior south wall. The excavation began in 2016 after... Read more
First-Ever “Bootchaser 5K” to be Held This Spring
The Corps of Cadets is proud to announce that it will be holding its first annual “Boot Chaser 5K” this spring.   About The Race: Since 1964, when the first females were admitted into Texas A&M University, catching the eye of a man in boots has been the deepest... Read more
Man Whose House Is Cleanest It’s Ever Been Assures Guests That It’s Usually Cleaner
Robert Browning, who only minutes ago had been aggressively scrubbing at a stain in the carpet, apologized to his friends for his train wreck of a living room. As he welcomed his guests into his home, he stood with his hands on his hips and shook his head in... Read more
Vandalism of the Aggie Ring plaza was discovered earlier this week, bringing to light vulgar comments that the Association building namesake Clayton Williams Jr. made about rape in 1990. Eager for comment on the situation, The Mugdown visited the offices of University President Michael Young only to discover that... Read more
Texas A&M Defeats Most Pressing Controversy
Every few weeks in the news cycle, a sensitive, difficult topic arises about Texas A&M University. Due to this topic’s nature, many students shy away from discussing it, creating a taboo around the subject and avoiding it in conversation. This hard-hitting issue lies under the surface, but dominates social... Read more
Health Officials Investigate Rabies Outbreak Among TexAgs Users
Following reports of erratic behavior and unprovoked aggression among TexAgs users, Brazos County health officials have identified the cause. Officials have asked residents to avoid contact with users of the popular forum site in order to contain the spread of rabies. “We have been getting reports of rabid behavior... Read more
Mugdown Lowdown: Your Guide to the Different Chilis at Chilifest
Chilifest – Every Aggie’s favorite holiday. A weekend full of beer showers, music playing so loud it’ll make your ears bleed, and chili…lots and lots of chili. Students uber miles and miles down FM 60 just to get a taste of all that sweet chili in the heart of... Read more
Corps Secret Police Hunts for Resistance Leaders
The Quad is in a state of alarm in response to the Commandant’s secret police tightening control on the Corps of Cadets on Tuesday evening. All points of entry to the Quad have been sealed, leaving one remaining entry—complete with a checkpoint—at the arches for those trying to enter. Reveille is... Read more
Humor Key in Accepting Hate Speech on Campus
A recent announcement that the university was closing the loophole which allowed white supremacist Richard Spencer to speak inside the MSC left many students relieved. Despite the tightening of the rules regarding speakers at A&M, not all famous figures for hate speech will be affected by the changes. Most... Read more
Glowstick Vigil Held to Raise Awareness For The Plight Of The Wealthy and Well-Connected
Last night, several thousand Aggies gathered at Simpson Drill Field, neon glowsticks held aloft, to support Robert McIntosh’s impending litigation and to raise awareness for what has begun to be seen as the systematic oppression of the wealthy and influential at Texas A&M. The gathering was hastily organized after... Read more