Student Shocked to Discover Existence of Women’s Sports at TAMU
Junior animal science major Draven Esposito was scrolling through Twitter earlier this month, periodically chuckling at cat videos, when he came across a shocking photo. This photo, nearly lost in a sea of basketball clips and airbrushed Yell Leader face shots, announced that the Texas A&M Women’s Soccer Team... Read more
Despite Recent Basketball ‘Noise,’ A&M Still an Equestrian School
Following Saturday night’s victory against the University of Kentucky, many students have taken to Twitter and Snapchat to celebrate that Texas A&M is now a “basketball school” despite the long history and success surrounding the university’s equestrian program. Athletic Director Scott Woodward insists that, although men’s hoops is currently... Read more
Gym Rat Flashes Six-Pack While Removing Sweater
On Monday morning, an entire class of 60 students stared in awe as sophomore Jefferson Steel removed his pullover jacket, revealing his shredded six-pack abs. In an attempt to adjust to the classroom’s thermostat setting, Steel exhibited to his classmates that some people do stay fit in the winter.... Read more
Rosenthal Meat Center to Begin Selling Manure-scented Candles to Students on West Campus
The Rosenthal Meat Center is located in the heart of west campus, providing animal science majors a place to learn about meat processing and apply those skills in the form of an on-site meat market. Known for its wide variety of steaks, sausages, and jerky, the retail store will... Read more
“How About That New Coach?” Asks Dad Desperate to Connect With Son
Having spent the last ten minutes in his office struggling to carry on a conversation with his youngest child over the phone, Houston-area father Walter Beyer asked about Texas A&M’s new head football coach in a desperate attempt to connect with his son, Kevin Beyer, in College Station. “How... Read more
Two Friends on Moped Make Immense Effort to Not Touch Each Other
It is not uncommon to see two students carpooling on a single moped, especially on roads surrounding the Texas A&M University campus. Common moped safety standards require the individual on the rear to wrap their arms around the waist of the driver. However, two male students were recently spotted... Read more
New Website Lets Organizations Scan Apps for up to 99% Similarity
With student population on the rise, demand for better application screening processes among organizations on campus is at an all-time high. To meet this need, iParadigms LLC, the company behind plagiarism-prevention service announced Thursday the release of, a software-as-a-service based on similar proprietary technology. The service will... Read more
The 2017 “Muggies”
Welcome to The Muggies presented by The Mugdown Writers Guild. This is the first awards article meant to honor our best pieces of the year. After taking a look at everything The Mugdown has published in 2017, our writers voted on which pieces they liked best across a variety... Read more
Tutoring Service to Offer $1 Wells, $2 Domestics Before Finals Week
4.0 and Go’s Northgate location will be offering specials this week to prepare for upcoming final examinations. While group tutoring rates will stay at $8+ per hour, the tutoring service will be serving Northgate-esque beverages at a discounted price. Founded in 1994, 4.0 and Go has long been located... Read more
Jimbo Fisher Takes Over as A&M Head Coach Out of Pity
It’s official: Jimbo Fisher will take over head coaching duties at Texas A&M out of pity, effective immediately. Rumors that Fisher was pursuing the opportunity to help the less fortunate have come to fruition. According to Fisher, leaving his prestigious position at Florida State to focus on charity work... Read more