Corps of Cadets Institutes Casual Fridays
The Commandant’s Office released a bold statement Wednesday regarding uniform policy for the Corps of Cadets. After many years of deliberation, Brigadier General Joe E. Ramirez, Commandant of the Corps of Cadets, has instituted “Casual Fridays,” a policy that allows cadets to wear clothing of their choice to Friday... Read more
Letter Exposes Fish Camp Conspiracy to Dismantle Aggie Spirit
Early Wednesday morning, The Mugdown discovered a mysterious letter outside of the Fish Camp office in Koldus. The note was written by an unknown author with the moniker “Wormwood,” describing a plot among Fish Camp co-chairs to “undermine the Aggie Spirit.”   The trail has run cold, and there... Read more
QUIZ: Which Yell Leader Party Should You Support?

Howdy! With election season upon us, it is good to know which Yell Leader party most matches your values and interests. With so many great candidates, it can be tough to pick exactly five, so we’d like to help you figure out the party that best represents you.

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Aggies to Compete in Victimhood Olympics
To showcase a tremendous pool of talent, Texas A&M will be hosting its first “Victimhood Olympics” to commemorate the spring semester.  The vast pool of student’s claiming to have it the “worst” are finally able to prove they need the most sympathy from their peers. The Student Recreation Center... Read more
A&M Ranked No. 4 in Happiest Place to get the Flu
Texas A&M’s Division of Marketing and Communication has long had a favorite pastime of searching for obscure, meaningless rankings to post on social media. The department salivates whenever a naïve freshman retweets their post with a comment such as “So blessed to attend this wonderful university!” Recently, A&M was... Read more
Get to Know Your 5 for Yell Candidates
Campaign season at Texas A&M is now in full swing, and the Corps of Cadets has released its annual contingent of endorsed Yell Leader candidates, known as “5 for Yell.” Until voting concludes on February 23rd, Facebook will be full of campaign pictures and videos of the candidates, advertising... Read more
How to Brag About Hating Your Future Career Like a PPA Student
A large portion of students at Texas A&M are likely to hate the careers in their field of study. Engineers never really want to just be engineers forever, and there are few people who think investment banking will be a good lifestyle for more than a few months. But... Read more
5-Star Girlfriend Decommits From Relationship
Good news for rival recruiters, bad news for Cliff Mickelson: 5-star girlfriend Riley Cahill decommitted from her relationship with Mickelson Tuesday evening. Cahill, who had verbally committed to Mickelson last February, was once considered a locked-in prospect by the Mickelson camp. However, after official visits with her friends and... Read more
Failing Infrastructure Signals the Fall of the Aggie Empire
Texas A&M University exists as individual colleges working in unison to advance the cause of the Aggie Empire. This unified effort has stimulated the growth of the Aggies in fields such as research and athletics, and has pushed A&M’s borders all the way to Galveston and Corpus Christi. But... Read more
A&M Student Comes out as Having Openly Gay Roommate
Things were going well at dinner with his parents for junior political science major Ralph Gutierrez on Sunday until he let a nugget of personal information slip: one of his roommates this year is openly gay. His parents didn’t sleep that evening, the owner of the Days Inn on... Read more