Mugdown Lowdown: Your Guide to the Different Chilis at Chilifest
Chilifest – Every Aggie’s favorite holiday. A weekend full of beer showers, music playing so loud it’ll make your ears bleed, and chili…lots and... Mugdown Lowdown: Your Guide to the Different Chilis at Chilifest

Chilifest – Every Aggie’s favorite holiday. A weekend full of beer showers, music playing so loud it’ll make your ears bleed, and chili…lots and lots of chili. Students uber miles and miles down FM 60 just to get a taste of all that sweet chili in the heart of Snook, TX. But with so much chili, it’s easy to get confused. Thankfully, The Mugdown is here to break down the different types of chili served at various fraternity and men’s org builds. Bone Apple Tea!

“Heat Index” describes the hotness required to enter the build and eat the chili. For example, if you are a  3 Chili Rating  you won’t be allowed to enter a  5 Chili Rating  build.

One Army Chili PotOne Army

Chili Name: Beerwatch

Heat Index:

3 Chili Rating
Description: One Army presents a milder chili where they went for points on looks and presentation.  When eating this chili you will find tiny bits of ground One Army hat throughout the bowl. In addition, the chefs went for a heavy tomato base to achieve a red color that resembles the swimsuits of their Baywatch theme. Look out for the OA lifeguards, as they won’t let you leave until you go on their slip ‘n slide against your freewill. Many on Facebook will say they are ‘Going’ to eat this chili but end up eating a cheaper frat’s chili instead.

Ol Ags Chili PotOl’ Ags

Chili Name: Mardi Donks

Heat Index:

3 Chili Rating
Description: Ever tried eating chili through a straw from a fish bowl hanging from your neck? Well that’s exactly what Ol’ Ags will be doing this year with their Bourbon St. inspired culinary creation. This chili tastes a lot like the One Army chili but has way more kick, and it smells like it hasn’t showered in three days. Included in your chili purchase is a free ride on Her Majesty, Ol’ Ags’ famous donkey idol – think of Reveille but for sweaty, drunk college guys. And in case you’re not uncomfortable enough, anticipate the Ol’ Ags guys to ask you to “earn it” before throwing beads at you. Geaux Chilifest!

Phi Delta Theta

Chili Name: Miami Vice

Heat Index:

2 Chili Rating
Description: Chef GC is very proud of his Miami Vice branded chili. The Delts are so sure you’ll enjoy their chili they will bus you over from College Station on Friday then lay out a few flattened Keystone boxes for you to sleep on overnight. This chili is almost entirely made out of jalapeños and beans, so beware of eating too much or risk missing all of your Monday classes.

Ace Chili PotACE

Chili Name: Harlem Drunktrotters

Heat Index:

3 Chili Rating
Description: Nothing screams basketball and Harlem, New York like the Aggie Club of Engineers. This year the ACE boys will try to match their drinking consumption with chili consumption. Expect the chili recipe to feature chunks of half-frozen corn dogs and drunk dudes pulling your arm to dance with them on “The Poles.” Lastly, look out for the basketball hoops over the trash bins so that you can dunk your barely eaten chili into an overflowing pile of beer cans.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Chili Name: Sons of Liberty

Heat Index:
5 Chili Rating

Description: SAE will frequently remind you who the original chefs of Chilifest are, and their founding fathers theme contributes to their modesty. Inside this chili you’ll find the spiciest of peppers that only the hottest of patrons can handle. Many will try to get in, but will quickly be pointed to the direction of the men’s org chilis.  

Century Men’s Society

Chili Name: Party Like There’s No To-MAYA!!!!

Heat Index:

3 Chili RatingDescription: The Centuries boys traveled south of the border to incorporate a variety of hot peppers into their recipe (sorry no Peruvian Puff Peppers). Although Centuries is still new to this festival, their chili tastes like many of the other chilis at Chilifest, but they claim it’s completely different. When asking a Centuries member what the secret ingredients are, they won’t hesitate to respond, “character, leadership, and integrity.” Expect their chili to be served in the same black trash bags they use to fence around their build.     

Pi Kappa Alpha

Chili Name: Pike Pardi Gras

Heat Index:
3 Chili Rating
Description: See “Ol’ Ags” (minus the donkey)

2014 Grad Who Still Thinks He’s a Senior

Chili Name: Remember the Johnny Days?

Heat Index:
Ice cubes
Description: Ever wondered what the Big 12 tastes like? Try this chili. You are guaranteed to be served by a bearded man in cargos and crocs. Remnants of the “ol’ army Sbisa cookie” can be found throughout the base of this chili, and each serving comes with a free story on what life was like before Panda was at the MSC. And for some reason, the attendees of this build will actually attend the Chilifest concerts.


Good Bullogna

Her ascent to the highest social class began in first grade, when she consistently brought the coolest lunch—Lunchables—to school each day, toting them in her Vera Bradley lunchbox. Never mind the fact that she only had Lunchables because her parents were too busy working high-stress careers to make her anything else, and she only had a Vera Bradley lunchbox because her parents bought her name-brand items to distract from their lack of engagement in her everyday life; Good Bullonga turned out just fine, if you ignore her crippling abandonment issues.

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