Mugdown Lowdown: How to Have the Perfect 21st Birthday Mugdown Lowdown: How to Have the Perfect 21st Birthday
It is a well known fact that the most important day in any young Aggie’s life is the day they turn 21— Ring Day... Mugdown Lowdown: How to Have the Perfect 21st Birthday

It is a well known fact that the most important day in any young Aggie’s life is the day they turn 21— Ring Day and graduation pale in comparison to the feeling of being able to legally consume alcohol. It is only right that such a monumental event is commemorated by proper celebration. However, with the excitement over cover charges and fake IDs being gone, you may forget crucial details. Thankfully, The Mugdown is here to help you plan the perfect party with some quick tips on turning 21.


1. The E-mail

The only email from the university that matters. As soon as you receive your 21st birthday email, be sure to take part in the time honored tradition of posting it on every form of social media. Just like the rest of the emails that A&M sends you, do not bother reading it. It only contains boring information concerning your safety and the dangers of binge drinking. Make sure to crop the sad part out before posting it.


2. The Facebook Event

The second step to party planning is the invitations. Create a Facebook event group with all the details regarding your drunken ascension into adulthood. Try to invite as many people as possible so you seem more popular than you really are, while still making sure to passive aggressively withhold invites from certain people, like that bitch from your FLO. As the party gets closer, have your friends post embarrassing photos of you so the guests continue to get notifications (bonus points if they were taken while you were under the influence). Do not forget to say “BYOB”.


3. The Pregame

Have a picture backdrop for your guests, “21”-shaped balloons, and a lit playlist for the perfect pregame aesthetic. Try to enjoy the party and overlook the fact that the three hours spent cleaning and decorating will be wasted 30 minutes into it. This is also your one shot to get nice photos of you and your friends before you become too belligerent. Do not post any photos yet; see step 5.


4. Northgate

Just try not to get arrested, okay?


5. The Day After

Waking up and being stuck in bed for the next few hours is the sign of a night well done. If your phone is not full of texts asking if you are still alive, you did not party hard enough. If you cannot remember all that happened, be sure to look back at your friends’ snapchat stories to help clear up your memory.  Even if your birthday was not a success, you can still trick your friends on social media into thinking it was. Make sure to post a photo of you with a caption such as “cheers to 21 years” or the well-loved classic , “twenty-fun.” If you are more unique and quirky, post your photo with an inside joke and make those not at the party confused and jealous. Most of all, try not to think about how the night of your 21st Birthday was full of regret and no different than any other night of the year.  Let’s be honest, you’ve been drinking since your first Gig Em Week.

—Lil Event


Lil' Event

Don’t underestimate her size! She will make sure her service project gets done before noon. Just don’t count on her showing up at Kyle Field when the bigger event starts. Sure her project is rescuing puppies from Puppy Station, but someone has got to do it! She may be the littlest member of the staff but she has the biggest heart. If she isn’t busy working on her next article or advocating for Reveille’s rights, than you will most likely find her taking a nap.

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