Texas A&M Secret Society Application Texas A&M Secret Society Application
Secret societies have controlled Texas A&M from behind the scenes for over a century. You've always wondered what it would be like... Texas A&M Secret Society Application

Secret Society Application

PDF Version

Note:  This is not an application for The Mugdown.  You missed that deadline.


5K for Yell

Yes, you have met her, and yes, she knows your friend so and so from that thing that one time. She has handed you fliers, she has yelled at you from her banner holding post, your friend introduced her to you that one time in the MSC, you are friends on Facebook, and she is in at least two of your GroupMe’s. You hate her for always looking like she just worked out, but in reality she just has to be constantly maintaining a comfortable jog to get to her next meeting on time. We have never actually seen her in person, but sometimes she emails us good jokes, so we let her stay affiliated.

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