Professors at Texas A&M: A Culture of Hazing Professors at Texas A&M: A Culture of Hazing
It is no secret that when an incident of hazing surfaces at Texas A&M, students are quick to point fingers. Under the pretense of... Professors at Texas A&M: A Culture of Hazing

It is no secret that when an incident of hazing surfaces at Texas A&M, students are quick to point fingers. Under the pretense of staying in line with their values and mission, one group on campus has recently been recognized for a history of “testing” their subordinates. Indeed, it is a little known fact that professors are responsible for the vast majority of hazing incidents on campus.

Fortunately, armed with Student Rule 24.4.5, Texas A&M University will issue swift justice to prevent this organization from committing further harm. The charges range from assigning a malicious burden of work, to using a point system that can demerit the students in the course.

Students across campus have come forward with reports like those of chemistry Professor Albert Johnson, charged with conduct unbecoming, physical abuse, hazing, and creating activities so time consuming that his students missed scheduled classes to complete it. One brave student filed charges after Johnson refused to take late work from students, and later assigned work that was not listed on the syllabus.

“The assignment was impossible to do the night before. I had to skip my classes that morning to complete it,” read the report.

On West Campus, allegations of depriving students of sufficient sleep, causing psychological harm and substantial emotional strain, have surfaced within the College of Biomedical Science. One professor even corrected a student who gave a wrong answer to a question in class.

“It caused me to be embarrassed by my actions. I honestly do not even know if I’ll be able to go back to that class again,” said the unnamed victim who came forward. “To be corrected like that in front of everyone…it was such a powerful microaggression.”

Despite these horrors, the worst reports so far have been those filed against professors in the College of Engineering. Charges brought forward include students reporting that their professors have caused them to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, deprived them of a normal level of bodily cleanliness, and inhibited their ability to develop simple social skills with others due to excessive course loads.

As more charges are brought to the surface, only time will tell just how many things can be classified as hazing.

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Netflix & Drill

Not like that, you pervert. Like Corps drills. Get your mind out of the gutter. “Why is ‘The Bridge on The River Kwai’ not on Netflix,” he shouts. Netflix & Drill doesn’t just stand for the Aggie football games, he remains standing for the entirety of every single weekend the Aggies play football, sitting down only to sleep.

  • Erfan

    April 20, 2016 #1 Author

    the Mugdown is taken over by the Corps!!


  • AgStan

    April 20, 2016 #2 Author

    Sounds like a load of BS. Programs like business and engineering are not designed for everyone to make it all the way and have an easy time. They are designed to challenge you and prepare you for the pressures of a career in those fields. For a student to say they dont know if theyll be able to return to a class after being corrected for “such a powerful microaggression” is just entitled social justice crap.

    Please dont defame an amazing school with incredible faculty because you think its your right to not be corrected and youre entitled to some special treatment by professors. As an A&M student, I find this article and the people involved to be pretty pathetic.


    • t’s and g’s

      April 21, 2016 #3 Author

      this article is satirical… its a joke. the mugdown is a satirical news site. sounds like youve been through some tough hazing yourself :/


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