Opinion: I Support Hazing Opinion: I Support Hazing
Opinion: I Support Hazing It’s an Unpopular Opinion, but Actually Challenging Subordinates is Harder As a member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets,... Opinion: I Support Hazing

Opinion: I Support Hazing

It’s an Unpopular Opinion, but Actually Challenging Subordinates is Harder

As a member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, I have been denied the chance to reciprocate certain things that were done to me during my time as a fish, due to some new proactive anti-hazing policies. Hazing exists in the Corps of Cadets to challenge the fish both mentally and physically and to instill a sense of brotherhood. It shouldn’t matter that it serves no point, since the Corps is the only organization on campus legally allowed to conduct physical training. It is “Redass” and “Old Army” to be subjected to hazing and to “smoke the fish”. Former cadets tell me the Corps isn’t as hard as it used to be, besides the fact that physical fitness standards in the Corps are higher than ever. Back then, cadets used to highport the guidon on runs and that’s forbidden now. It doesn’t matter that the guidon bearer was only a single person.

The War on Hazing is a politically correct effort to target the unique culture within the Corps by claiming the tradition is hurtful. I never felt harmed by my upperclassmen— their aim was to ensure that only the members they thought belonged in the unit remained. Without hazing, how can my experience be validated by former members of the Corps? Without being been forced to exercise outside of the standard 5 opportunities a week, Corps Brass would be a participation trophy. Personal servitude let me know which upperclassmen truly cared about me, making sure to waste my time having me do favors for them, regardless of my upcoming exams.

Poor leaders use the tools given to them by the Corps. If I wanted to physically challenge my subordinates the 5+ hours a week when it’s authorized, then I would have to workout with them. Who wants to write a military letter (the tool that allows cadets to do additional training activities or unusually strenuous ones) when I could just walk into a their room at night and make them work out? I mean, the things you can get approved with a military letter like Nuke Runs, Log PT, and CFTs sound hard… I don’t know if even I could do those things. I heard some outfits even get workouts approved for Saturdays, but who wants to do something on a weekend? I’d rather just use the freshmen as my personal taxi service. Corrective Physical Training is a step in the right direction, but I have to be present at activity or formation to use it.

I couldn’t imagine what actually being present at training times and doing difficult events would be like. It’s hard enough registering for the courses that excuse me from afternoon activity, and it’s not my fault that I can’t seem to wake up for more than one morning activity a week. I would be there, but I’m a student after all and I need to focus on my grades. It’s just easier for me to haze them and achieve the same result. After all, that’s what happened to me. How else will I feel they earned their place or ensure they respect me? Does the Office of the Commandant actually think that if I showed up to activity and cared about my subordinates, they would respect me? Every cadet knows the numerous tools, such as the demerit system, military letters, and CPT are all useless and half-measures. If done correctly, hazing provides a wonderful experience that brings people together. Except those who speak against it and are socially outcast because of it.


-Netflix & Drill


Netflix & Drill

Not like that, you pervert. Like Corps drills. Get your mind out of the gutter. “Why is ‘The Bridge on The River Kwai’ not on Netflix,” he shouts. Netflix & Drill doesn’t just stand for the Aggie football games, he remains standing for the entirety of every single weekend the Aggies play football, sitting down only to sleep.

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