The Testament of Coffee Shops The Testament of Coffee Shops
1 In the beginning, coffee-lovers frequented Muldoon’s and Mugwalls. 2 They saw the scripted chalkboard menu and the DTR chair and saw that it was... The Testament of Coffee Shops

In the beginning, coffee-lovers frequented Muldoon’s and Mugwalls. 2 They saw the scripted chalkboard menu and the DTR chair and saw that it was good. The mugs were in abundance and the intentional conversations filled the skies with joy. The children of the bubble enjoyed prosperous times there for many years.

5 It would not last. Soon the years of famine hit and the walls became barren. Not a mug to be seen. The weary and weak of heart migrated to Sweet Eugene’s; a land of miscellaneous knick-knacks, donuts, and instagram tags. There were two different wifi connections and the children of the bubble saw that it was good.

8 In the years that followed, there was a chasm within the chosen people. 9 The temptation of a place called Lupa’s called many to wander. 10 Lupas contained clean walls and an organization that Sweet’s lacked. 11 Although food is scarce, Lupa’s was a center for the children of the bubble. 12 Many would travel to Lupa’s and spend their time greeting one another in the name of The Machine, thus ignoring the lack of wifi connections.

13 Throughout the chasm, the true children of the bubble sought a homeland elsewhere. Far from the distractions of College Station, in a place called Bryan. 14 The true children found a place called Harvest. 15 They saw the destressed furniture and walls and saw that it was good.

16 It is thus, the chronology of the Coffee shops or Aggieland. 17 Go forth and make disciples of all coffee drinkers. That you may Instagram your coffee and calligraphy for all the nations to see.


5K for Yell

Yes, you have met her, and yes, she knows your friend so and so from that thing that one time. She has handed you fliers, she has yelled at you from her banner holding post, your friend introduced her to you that one time in the MSC, you are friends on Facebook, and she is in at least two of your GroupMe’s. You hate her for always looking like she just worked out, but in reality she just has to be constantly maintaining a comfortable jog to get to her next meeting on time. We have never actually seen her in person, but sometimes she emails us good jokes, so we let her stay affiliated.

  • The Bubble

    March 9, 2016 #1 Author

    So let it be written. So let it be done.


  • Marianna C.

    March 9, 2016 #2 Author

    Alas this testament is incomplete and many that have paved the way for the current coffee interpretation.
    Java Jitters, Java Joy, Poor Yorick’s but the greatest of these was Coffee Station.


  • Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have their nests, but the MugWalls Piano Man has nowhere to lay his fingers.


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