7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers 7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers
Does the sound of taps and spurs give you butterflies? Does the boots and khaki combo just throw you in a tizzy? Do you... 7 Essential Tips for Boot Chasers

Does the sound of taps and spurs give you butterflies? Does the boots and khaki combo just throw you in a tizzy? Do you have your heart set on a cadet but just don’t know how to interact with him? Don’t worry, not many people do. Read this guide to gain an insider’s perspective on how to steal the heart of your khaki crusader.


Tip 1. Speaking of khaki, if his go to line is “Say girl, what’s your favorite shade of khaki?” you know you have a winner. Giggle a little and he is yours.

Tip 2. Remember that he is more afraid of you than you are of him. Sit next to him in class and let him fall asleep on your shoulder. You will have some time to take some totes presh selfies to cherish together, and he will be so grateful for you not being weird about it that he will probably ask you to the next game, and midnight yell if you’re lucky.

Tip 3. Impress him with your knowledge of Corps slang. Talk about how your roommate is a total blue falcon and how they boof you on the reg. Make sure he knows he is a motivator and that you think his hair looks squared away. He will be really impressed if you refer to your nap time as bagging, being deployed to my-rack or rebagistan, or saying that the bag sniper got you.

Tip 4. If you are really having trouble getting him to talk, ask him about his uniform, and what all the little medals mean. Corps guys love talking about their uniforms.

Tip 5. In order to gain his trust, insult fraternities as often as possible. Cadets are naturally distrustful of anything that is not the Corps, so this will let him know that you are on his side.

Tip 6. As often as possible, try to get him to meet you in the MSC, especially after 6:30 pm or on weekends. It gives him another excuse to show off his nifty uniform.

Tip 7. Actually join the corps. Nothing is more attractive to a cadet than someone who understands what the Corps is like from a firsthand experience, and now he won’t be burdened with having to talk about something other than the corps.


The main thing to remember is to never remind him that there are aspects of Aggie life and tradition that have nothing to do with the Corps. Cadets love being grouped into one short-haired stereotype and tend to shut down whenever they can’t rely on simply being in the Corps to command respect.

Happy chasing!


-The Corpsespondent


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  • Emily Otto

    December 8, 2015 #2 Author

    So…. basically coddle his fragile masculinity. And make him feel like you worship the ground he walks on. Not for me, id rather a guy be strong enough to not be terrified of confident women. If your into chasing boots this is probably a good tip list. If your into chasing men who will encourage and support your strength I suggest you find a diffrent tip list.


    • WK

      December 8, 2015 #3 Author

      Lolz, you obviously missed the sarcasm (are you that person who goes on The Onion freaks out because you think it’s meant to be real news?). Not that your narrative about “fragile masculinity” was even tangentially related to what they said, but anyone who knows anything about the corps realizes that most of the article is exactly how to drive away cadets. There are even such clever touches as having him meet you in the MSC during the evening or weekend, which will usually earn you a death glare, or at least angry muttering.


    • A. Cadet

      December 9, 2015 #4 Author

      Just so you know, this whole list is a joke and false, with the circumstantial exception of #2 and less circumstantial exception for #4.


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