Wehner High to Field Football Team Wehner High to Field Football Team
. . . . . . The College Station football scene just got a little more interesting. Wehner High School will be holding tryouts... Wehner High to Field Football Team

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The College Station football scene just got a little more interesting. Wehner High School will be holding tryouts for their new football program which will begin play in September in AAA division II.

Wehner High was established in 1961 and has been consistently known for their academic program. Athletics have, of course, been a part of the Wehner landscape since its founding, but only in the form of intramurals. Wehner has consistently fielded a handful of intramural football teams, but it became clear that students were looking for something more. Many participants complained about how schools like College Station High School and A&M Consolidated had the opportunity to play competitive football and Wehner High did not.

School administrators had been reached out to on multiple occasions and cited budgetary issues as the reason for their decision not to allow UIL athletics. Fortunately, the students had an advocate in teacher and former military leader, Lance Morganstein.  Known around Wehner High only as the General, Morganstein was exactly the kind of man to empower this historic decision.

Students recall seeing Morganstein at many of their intramural games—stoically glaring and only speaking to remind the players that “his mother throws better than [they] do”. It wasn’t until sophomore quarterback Bryce Richards confronted the General after the game, that Morganstein admitted that he was tired of seeing so much wasted potential from the students of Wehner. That was two years ago.

Since that fateful conversation General Morganstein and Richards, a senior now, have worked diligently to help Wehner field the school’s first UIL recognized athletic team. Wehner administrators were able to fund the program by cutting their accounting department.

It is clear, however, that the team will still be facing an uphill battle. Students insisted that they wear boat shoes in lieu of cleats, to save money. The General, who will also be head coach for the 2014 season, decided to allow the footwear, but remained firm in his decision to not let them wear polos instead of jerseys. A name has not been decided on at press time, but Warriors and Frat-Stars seem to be leading contenders.

Tryouts will be held March 30th in that huge patch of grass between Wehner High and the Library on campus. Students are asked to bring an ID and their “game face”.


Cactus Jack

Like Bellamy, we knew immediately that we wanted Cactus Jack on our team. It probably has to do with the fact that when we first met him, he was trying to figure out what it would feel like to lick a cactus. He’s sort of like the abandoned dog you come across on the side of the highway. He may be ugly, but we pulled over to watch and now we feel at least partially responsible for him.

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